Equine Assisted Learning

Corporate Team Building

Horses don't judge or criticise but provide instant and honest feedback by responding to the non-verbal signals we give them. For organisations, Equine Assisted Development can be an invaluable tool for:

- Communicating with colleagues and clients
- Building leadership and people skills
- Team performance and development
- Managing the pace of change

EAL for corporate groups takes the format of activities that are individually tailored with you and your team in mind to achieve the goals you specify. Using the horses and equipment, we invite you to recreate the challenges of the workplace and approach familiar situations differently.

This approach addresses conscious processes and works at a conscious level. Change is behavioural and is sustained through reinforcing positive experiences.

Education & Working with young people

Horses can provide crucial motivation and interest for children and adolescents. While issues explored may be difficult or painful, the process is not. Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning takes place in the relaxed yet contained setting of the sandschool where eye contact, proximity, content, pace and depth of the work is managed by the child in an environment managed by the therapy team.

For young people who are reluctant to engage with professionals due to mistrust, apprehension or difficulties with authority, Equine Assisted therapy offers a useful alternative to conventional talking therapies, enabling them to make positive and significant behavioural and life changes. It provides opportunities for professionals to work intensively and sensitively with young people, building on their strengths and strengthening their resilience.

Outcomes include:

- Self esteem, confidence and self efficacy - Improved communication - Improved interpersonal skills - Empathy - Problem solving - Anger management - Psychological well-being

Please contact me if you would like to know more about this area of Equine Therapy.

EAL works for teams who want to look at:

» Problem solving
» Team work
» Motivation
» Communication
» Leadership
» Productivity
» Resilience
» Conflict resolution

Please contact me to discuss a tailor made session for your business.